The sovereignty of the Scottish people is enshrined in many documents, acts and treaties dating back hundreds of years. The 1320 Declaration of Arbroath clearly indicates the sovereignty of the Scots even above that of the King. The 1689 Claim of Right Act also sets out the sovereignty of the people over that of the monarchy.

Scottish sovereignty was further enhanced when the Claim of Right was ratified by the house of commons on the 4th of July 2018.

Then we have the recent judgement passed down in the "Cherry" case by the Supreme court that clearly sets out the fact that the people are sovereign over parliament and that the Executive (or Government) is subservient to that of parliament and the law of the land. Once again recognising the sovereignty of the people.

In 1999 following a second vote on devolution the Scottish Parliament reconvened as the Scottish Executive, then in 2012 The Scottish Executive was changed to that of the Scottish Government. The Scottish Parliament is protected under the Scotland Act. However, the Scotland Act is riddled with legislation designed to keep power within the hands of the UK Parliament, in effect taking away Scotland's ability of self governance which is in contravention of the Claim of Right for Scotland, agreed by the Scottish Constitutional Convention in 1989, ratified by the Scottish Parliament in 2012 and which was endorsed by the House of Commons in 2018.

So why is Scotland still under Westminster rule?

Scotland is bound to the rest of the UK by virtue of the 1707 Union with England act, this is one of two enactment's that make up the "Treaty of the Acts of the Union". This treaty binds the two countries together in a union with one parliament governing both countries. This union was founded against the will of the Scottish people and has been a matter of contention for over 300 years.

The union of the two kingdoms of Scotland and England brought about by the 1707 enactment of the English and Scottish Parliaments, was thrust upon us by a minority of nobles sitting in the Scottish Parliament who accepted payment in return for their loyalty to the union.

Daniel Defoe the author of Robinson Crusoe (a secret agent of the English government) stated that ‘for every Scot in favour of the union, there are 99 opposed’


There was a referendum in 2014 asking the people of Scotland whether they wished to remain a part of the United Kingdom, during the referendum there was much interference from the UK Government who used their control over the media to mislead the people of Scotland into believing that leaving the UK would cost them their savings, jobs and pensions, there was also a relentless campaign by the Scottish Conservatives who said that the only way to remain in the EU was to vote to remain in the UK. This and a vow printed in the press promising more powers for Scotland swayed many voters to vote remain. Fast forward to 2016 and despite voting overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, Scotland has found itself in the position of being forced out against its will.

Following brexit, the Scottish Parliament will see powers returning from Brussels in key devolved areas being retained by Westminster.

The only way that Scotland can take back control from Westminster, remain in the EU, protect its iconic brands, protect its economy and the rights of the people living and working here, is through Scottish Independence.

Independence can come in many ways, the preferred route is through a second referendum, although it is highly unlikely that Westminster will agree to that. Scotland could make a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, but there are many who see UDI as being undemocratic. A vote returning a majority of Independence supporting MP's or MSP's in a General or Scottish election could be used as a trigger to declare independence or we could end the union if the treaty was broken by the other side.

Whatever route is taken, one thing is certain, Scotland needs to get out of this union so it can determine its own future and protect the countries economy, jobs and iconic brands before there is nothing left worth protecting.

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